E-Guerra organised by Indian School of Business

BIMTrichy congratulates Team Bridgeburners – Vishnu Prasath K, Sreyas Sairam S, Srihari V and Aravindha Raajan TJ on winning Consilium, operations event, organised by Indian School of Business, Mohali and the same team were one among the finalists in E-Guerra organised by Indian School of Business, Hyderabad. We wish them the best.


MARWAR, the week-long flagship event embedded in the culture of BIMTrichy since 1990, set its foot yet again with it’s theme as sustainability where, 10 teams participated to create a company of their own and launch their innovative product or service in a real-world set-up. Each team went through series of rounds, tested and evaluated …

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Advaita ‘19

BIMTrichy students team Lunatics of Dinesh Kumar C, Sibielamparithi M, Harish Ramalingam and Sindhu were declared the runners in Pragati – Advaita ‘19 conducted by Indian School of Business, Hyderabad. Our team gave a comprehensive solution to overcome problems faced by PHC in India. They were felicitated by Rajeev Agur, Ganesh Maruvada and Dr. Hemanth. …

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Internet of things existed perennially

“Internet of things existed perennially”. Aravindan A, solution architect at Caterpillar, delivered a lecture on the evolution of IoT, current industry trends and applications of industrial IoT to students of BIMTrichy. Aravindan went an extra mile to explicitly demonstrate the workings of IoT with his “Thirsty plant” project, which informs the user about moisture content …

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Guest Lectures – Mr. Chandra Kunjithapatham – Medtronics

Chandra Kunjithapatham – Medtronics BIM Trichy takes immense pride in hosting Mr. Chandra Kunjithapatham, Principal Product Manager, Medtronics. The students had the opportunity to understand key concepts, implementation strategies in Supply Chain Management and brand management. He also shared some moments from his plethora of industry experience setting the context to the future managers.

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