Chairman’s Message

Shri Ravi Appasamy
Appaswamy Real Estates Limited

I have the privilege of being appointed as the Chairman of this August body from  June 13, 2023.

BIM, as a School of Excellence has a long tradition of creating leaders with competence and integrity. BIM has played a significant role in transforming the lives of many individuals and they have, in turn, transformed many businesses into successful ones.

The hallmark of BIM’s approach to management education is to be constantly in touch with Industry and to understand the demands of the Industry from time to time. This understanding is then, translated into actionable modules and converted into an appropriate curriculum with suitable delivery and testing mechanisms.

Leaders who have passed through the portals of this institution have, in great measure, contributed in building the reputation of the Institution by their diligence, knowledge, skills and values. Their principle centered leadership has helped in not only achieving desirable economic outcomes but also desirable social outcomes. They have proved to be socially responsible citizens. Many of them have also become successful entrepreneurs and have shown the way for others to emulate them.

On behalf of the Board of Governors, I greet all stakeholders of BIM and thank them, especially, Bharathidasan University and BHEL who have nurtured BIM right from its infancy and truly made it what it is.

Shri Ravi Appasamy
BIM – Board of Governors

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