PEOs and POs

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) and Program Outcomes (POs)

MBA programme at Bharathidasan Institute of Management (BIM), with its unique program architecture, nurtures divergent and holistic thinking, inspires fresh ideas, and prepares students ready to be challenged at every moment. It aims to transform students as managers with competence and leaders with creativity, inquisitiveness, and integrity. The MBA integrated curriculum has been purposely designed to acquire and develop – the functional skills to make right decisions; the tools to gather and analyse data; and the leadership ability to formulate, exhibit, and execute a vision for change with and through others. Through active involvement in various area/interest clubs and functional committees, from various student-driven events and activities, to volunteering for the wider community welfare, this programme offers a multitude of avenues to grow. Forums such as Economistique, BIM Discussions, and area-specific clubs help grasp the impact of developments happening in the socio-economic, political, and technological arenas, the manager must deal with. Students manage public relations and handle the responsibility of media relations, social media, and competition management and it helps them learn navigating through strategic situations with ease.

The BIM-MBA programme does not limit itself to domain specific knowledge or skill set that is required to perform well as a manager, but it extends into the realms of learning such as goaloriented behaviour, and a value system which represents the essence of deep-rooted and time-tested Indian wisdom. Practice schools such as Universal Human Values (UHV), Personal Growth Lab (PGL), Social Immersion Program (SIP), Corporate Immersion Program (CIP), Effective Execution (EE), and Personality Enhancement through Sports (PES) help build character and strength to successfully face an adverse and uncertain situation in life, develop team spirits, and build a strong personality. Aligned with global standards, the BIM-MBA programme continuously benchmarks with top business schools around the world and collaborates with the industry for updating its curriculum from time to time towards developing new age Pi (𝝅) shaped professionals.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

Aligned with the vision and mission of BIM and based on the career and professional achievements of our BIM graduates over time, the institute has devised the Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) for its MBA program. The PEOs were also formulated based on the inputs received from various internal and external stakeholders like Alumni, Industry, Faculty, professional bodies, etc. These PEOs align with the institute’s vision and mission emphasising development of competent managers and leaders with social responsibility.

1. Facilitate graduates to become professionally competent managers and leaders.
2. Orient graduates to become socially responsible citizens.
3. Enable intent for continuous learning, professional development, and well-being.

Program Outcomes (POs)

BIM-MBA prepares students to demonstrate various professional skills and capabilities for holistic development. Hence, the following Program Outcomes (POs) were adopted in the MBA curriculum:

1. Possess in-depth knowledge with a glocal perspective in business management.
2. Analyse management issues and synthesize relevant information to make intellectual and creative advances and solutions.
3. Think laterally, conceptualise, and evaluate potential solutions while solving management issues/business problems.
4. Learn and apply ethical management and leadership principles in both work and life situations.
5. Demonstrate research capabilities and skills in managerial/business contexts.
6. Create, select, learn, and apply management tools and techniques to complex business activities.
7. Understand and practice- professional and personal responsibility and integrity for sustainability.
8. Recognise the need and engage in life-long learning and professional development.

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