Grooming 𝝅 Shaped Professionals for Business of Tomorrow

Through a well-crafted program architecture, we nurture 𝝅 shaped professionals who are ready for the business of tomorrow. The business of tomorrow is marked by uncertainties. New technologies, new business rules, a completely new set of consumers like Gen Z, and the onset of events like the covid pandemic make uncertainties the next normal for the future of work. At BIM, we have designed a unique program architecture to bulletproof you against these uncertainties, by making you a Pi-shaped professional. A pi is an irrational number and perhaps holds the key to combat the irrational world we face today.

There are many well-established skilling models. We are perhaps one of the first few B Schools globally to adopt this concept of Pi shaped learning in a B School to help our graduates build a foundation for life while building a foundation for knowledge. The top horizontal bar in Pi denotes the core and elective courses to provide a spread of subject knowledge across core and elective subjects to make them strong generalists. The first vertical bar represents the new technology applications across five areas of specialization, such as, Martech, Text mining and consumer sentiment analysis, Marketing Analytics in Marketing; Fintech, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Derivative analytics in Finance; Supply chain 4.0 in Operations, HR Analytics, Digital HR in Human Relations, and AI/ML and other tools in Digital Business & Analytics. This domain specific technology focus equips our students to be specialists in applying new technology in a specific specialization for meaningful business insights. All BIM students are encouraged and facilitated to learn Python, R, KNIME, SPSS, AMOS, NVivo, and other tool-based applications. The second vertical bar denotes courses that help our students imbibe human values, build character, personality and confidence to take on the uncertain world with a strong belief in themselves, and be sensitive to SDG/ESG priorities. Our practice courses like participation in club activities, personality building through sports, outbound leadership program, personal growth lab, and courses like universal human values aim to achieve this.

BIM has created Centers of Excellence like Financial Trading and Analytics Centre (FINTRAC equipped with Bloomberg and NSE Smart trading simulator), Real-Time Contextual Marketing Lab (RTCML equipped with Salesforce Social Studio and a host of other proprietary and open-source tools), Centre for Operations Excellence (with Fresh Connection simulation tools to create value chain experience), and Centre for SDG. Students are doing certifications on CMT, BMC, and NSE Smart trading simulation, Salesforce dot com, Supply chain 4.0 simulations through these centers of excellence. Students with faculty mentors are encouraged to undertake interdisciplinary research to build proof of concepts and create patents. Students are currently working on areas like text mining and audience sentiment analysis, algorithmic trading, predicting valuation from social sentiments. Students thereby develop a good insight into the subject by blending theory with practice. The CoEs at BIM ensure world class research, scholastic, and consulting experience in the most contemporary areas. The MBA course curriculum 2021-23 reflects this vision of BIM.

PGP – I Courses

Trimester I
Pre-Foundation – HBP Modules
Universal Human Values
Quantitative Science for Managers
Design Thinking
Managerial Decision Analytics
Business Communication – I (The Art of Persuasive Speaking)
Organizational Behaviour – I
Financial Reporting and Performance Analysis
Microeconomics for Managers
Marketing Management – I
Business Simulation – Foundation
Research Incubation
Trimester II
Macroeconomic Environment for Business
Corporate Finance – I
Marketing Management – II
Organizational Behaviour – II
Operations Research
Operations Management
Data Science Tools
Business Communication – II (Writing for Results)
Entrepreneurship and Start-up Ecosystem
Financial Modelling Basics
Trimester III
Cost Analysis and Management
Corporate Finance – II
Regulatory and Legal Aspects of Business
Human Resource Management
Technology Enabled Business Management
Business Research Methods
Digital Business Modelling
New Venture Planning and Execution
Comprehensive Viva
Business Communication – III (Social and Business Etiquettes)
Practice School
Personal Growth Lab
Outbound Leadership Programme
Social Immersion Programme
Effective Execution
Personality Enhancement Through Sports

PGP – II Courses

Core Courses

Corporate Immersion Programme (Summer Internship)
Strategic Management
Ethics, Governance, and Sustainability

Area-wise Elective Courses

Finance and Economics

Credit Rating and Risk Analysis
Portfolio Management Practices
Financial Technologies
Financial Modelling and Corporate Valuation
Financial Trading Lab
Managing Securities and Market Institutions
Financial Derivatives
Infrastructure Project Finance and Appraisal
International Financial Management
High-Frequency Trading and Quant Investing
Managing Banks and Financial Institutions
Financial Planning and Wealth Management
Financial Risk Analytics
Investment Banking
ESG Reporting


Brand Management
Sales and Distribution Management
B2B Marketing
Consumer Behavior
Marketing Metrics and Analytics
Digital Marketing
Services Marketing
Marketing of Financial Services
Agribusiness Marketing
IT and Enterprise Marketing
Retail Management
Integrated Marketing Communications
Marketing Technologies
Customer Relationship Management
Strategic Marketing with MarkStrat Simulation

Operations and Supply Chain Management

Advanced Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Service Operations Management
Quality and Lean Six Sigma
Digital Supply Chain Planning and Execution
Value Chain Simulation
Logistics Analysis, Modelling, and Management
Supply Chain Analytics
Service Process Transformation and Delivery Management
Operations Analytics
Procurement Management and Analytics
Advanced Project Management
Operations Strategy
Digital Transformation of the Supply Chain
Revenue Management
Action Project in Operations/SCM

Human Resources Management

Talent Acquisition
HR Analytics
Training and Development
Employee Relations and Labour Laws
Performance Management
Compensation Management
Organizational Development and Change Management
Management of Cross-Cultural Diversity
Digital HR
Leaders and Leadership
Managerial Counselling and Coaching
Strategic HRM

Digital Business and Analytics

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Data Management and Data Engineering
Digital Technology
Digital Product Management
Text Mining and Social Sentiment Analysis
Blockchain for Business
Advanced Predictive Analytics
Business Data Visualization
Robotic Process Automation
Deep Learning for Business Application
Cyber Security for Business Leaders

Strategy, Sustainability, and General Management

Business Consulting
Enterprise Risk Management
Global Business and Emerging Markets
Systems Thinking Applications for Managers
SDG and ESG Frameworks in Practice
Business Dynamics (Advanced Simulation)
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