Placement is a joyous occasion for students and an equally proud moment for the institute. A student from BIM is considered a future leader in organizations and BIM-MBA ensures that the students are equipped sufficiently to play that role. In the BIM-MBA program we expect the students to gain relevant knowledge and managerial skills that shall bring success and joy to you in corporate sector or any other field that you choose for yourself in future. We hope that students inculcate in themselves a positive attitude that respects tradition and institutions and at the same time are progressive and creative. We also urge students to be leaders who carry along people in the team as they move faster than the rest.

Our placement team strives to ensure that all eligible students find a job that leverages their strengths. Placements is considered an opportune moment from where students build their career, family, institution and contribute to the growth of our country.

Placement Data

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