Clubs & Committees

BIM Trichy has been known for its excellence since 1984. We bring the students of similar minds together through various clubs and committees so that they can excel and share collectively what they are good at and motivates other students to excel like them as well.

The BIM clubs and committees are democratic, i.e., by the students for the students and of the students. All the events and activities conducted by all the clubs and committees are carried out entirely by the club members only.

Clubs and committees of BIM are the backbones of the institute just like different departments of an organization. The clubs and committees in BIM are designed in such a way that the members work together towards a single goal and work along with other clubs and committees to carry out any event or activity. It provides an intense experience in learning to lead and being a part of a team to decide and organize an event or an activity. This provides a platform where the students learn the practicality of the management concepts, experiences a simulation of a managerial role and activities and put their leadership skills to use. Club activities also increase the bond between PGP-1 and PGP-2 batches.

The PGP-1 students would go through an interview process conducted by the club members of the PGP-2 students and club members would be selected based on their interest.

Events will be happening all year round, one club after another regularly all around the academic calendar.

Clubs and committees bring PGP-1 and PGP-2 together and this creates a bond that runs forever. This togetherness brings students into sharing a whole different dimension of knowledge among them and pride of their club to the rest of their lives.



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