Clubs & Committees

BIM is known for “not always classes, but co-curricular and extra-curricular activities too.” This unique culture allows our students to contest and test their skills acquired in classrooms and apply them to real-world business problems and challenges in a competitive environment. Our students actively participate in various national and international competitions and have won many accolades.

BIM takes pride in its student-ready and student-centred committees and clubs that create a campus culture – including academic departments and student services – that is caring, empowering, and fosters a sense of belonging. Through their engagement in various clubs and committees, it helps them enhance their leadership and organizational management experience, explore their interests, and create an imprint in their career and life long-lasting. Through these clubs and committees, they organize various inter-and intra-college events.

Clubs and committees at BIM have become an integral part of the MBA curriculum through the practice school course: Effective Execution. The expected course outcomes are (i) Develop competence in critical inquiry and problem-solving, (ii) Practically implement various management tools and techniques learned in the coursework in their career and day-to-day life, (iii) Enhance their leadership and organizational management experience, ready for the fourth industrial revolution and digital economy, (iv) Acquire skills including interpersonal skills necessary and complement for career advancement and life-long learning, and (v) Practice various tools to nurture personal and social growth, and foster culture and identity.

The selection process for these clubs and committees is completely student-driven and each club and committee have a faculty member as their mentor.

Clubs and committees bring the students together and this creates a bond that runs forever. This togetherness brings students into sharing a whole different dimension of knowledge among them and pride of their club to the rest of their lives.



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