Distinguished Alumnus Awards

BIM Distinguished Alumnus Awards

Dear BIM Alumni,

Greetings from Bharathidasan Institute of Management, Trichy!

BIM prides itself on its strong alumni base. Today they are active partners in BIM’s growth journey by being in our Academic Council and Board of Studies and supporting academic delivery as guest speakers and visiting scholars. BIM alumni network is a strong network of 4000+ alumni, many of them being CXOs, who are making a significant contribution to industry and society across the globe. Besides, we also have several alumni who are successful entrepreneurs and academics in India and abroad.

As BIM embarks on a new growth trajectory, it seeks to leverage the emotional and intellectual capital of its alumni to realize the institute’s vision. BIM alumni are a great strength for us. They have an incredible passion for their alma mater.

The institute will present BIM Distinguished Alumnus Awards (subject to the nominations available and selection by the Jury) on BIM Foundation Day, celebrated on August 16. We are happy to share that BIM introduced BIM Distinguished Alumni Awards (DAAs) effective from 2022. Mr T R Ramachandran from BIM4 batch was conferred the first BIM DAA – 2022. He currently serves as Senior Vice President – Head of Products and Solutions, Asia Pacific based in Singapore.

Through this award, we endeavour to celebrate and recognize the achievements of our alumni across the globe in various spheres – Industry, Public Policy, Entrepreneurship, Academics and other walks of life.

We believe introducing this DAA would motivate the subsequent generation of alumni to strive hard to walk a similar path of value creation.

We encourage the alumni to nominate outstanding candidates for these awards yearly.

The following are the various categories of awards:

  1. Contribution in Corporates
  2. Technology and Innovation Excellence
  3. Entrepreneurial Excellence
  4. Contribution to Governance/ Public Policy
  5. Academic Excellence
  6. Excellence in other fields of value creation like arts, music, sports, and so on

Please specify the category for which you nominate the Alumnus and get the same recommended by another alumnus.

Please include a CV, one-page writeup, photograph and supporting documents of the Alumnus you are nominating for the BIM DAA.

The CV may contain, amongst other things:

  1. Name and address with BIM registration no.
  2. Degree obtained from BIM and the year of graduation
  3. Qualifications and Professional Experience
  4. Any other relevant information

Please provide a writeup detailing the contributions of the Alumnus who deserve this recognition.

Self-nominations are not encouraged

Alumni who are currently serving or have served in the past as faculty of BIM are not eligible for nomination.

The nominations received will be processed by the Alumni Office of BIM, Trichy. A distinguished panel comprising the Director, BIM and representatives from various disciplines drawn from industry and academia, as approved by the Board, would recommend the final list of awardees.

All nominations received will be considered for a period of 3 years till an updated nomination is shared with the alumni office. Fresh nominations can be submitted every as per the notification every year. Call of applications will be uploaded before 30th June every year.

The award will include a citation and a plaque emphasizing the spirit of BIM, Trichy.

The last date for nominations is 11:59 PM 23rd July (IST), 2023 for BIMDAA 2023.

Nominations should be emailed to: alumnioffice@bim.edu marking director@bim.edu in CC.

Best Wishes,

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