About BIM

In August 1984, erstwhile Union Finance Minister, Bharat Ratna Shri. C. Subramaniam, along with Prof. P. S. Mani Sundaram the Vice-Chancellor of Bharathidasan University chaired a meeting of leading academicians and Industrialists, and an idea was born. Their dream was to create an Academy that would be

  • Grounded in strong theoretical inputs
  • Have proactive partnership with large organizations
  • Provide students with a real world learning environment

With this vision in mind a partnership was signed with BHEL to create the country’s first ever Management Institute housed inside a large industrial facility. Thus was born Bharathidasan Institute of Management – a School of Excellence. BIM offers one of the most coveted MBA programmes in India, apart from PhD and other Executive Development Programs.

More than 4000 BIM Alumni spread around the globe are significantly contributing to corporates and society. BIM is affiliated to Bharathidasan University as an autonomous institution of excellence managed by an independently run professional society. Its flagship MBA program is approved by AICTE.


To be an innovative, socially responsive and inclusive institute of excellence in management education


  • Nurture socially responsible and competent leaders
  • Foster innovative practices in curriculum, pedagogy and industry engagement for holistic student development
  • Provide access to quality management education for all sections of the society
  • Engage in meaningful research and share knowledge with community & industry

Five Anchors: What differentiates BIM from others

1. Rich legacy and focus on Values
Being one of the oldest B Schools (founded in 1984) in the country, BIM always champions traditional human values and the same spirits continue to flow through its globally spread alumni, students, faculty, and staff. The affection and passion shown by its students and alumni towards their alma mater stand testimony to this with a very high NPS. Many of our staff members have been here for decades. The average tenure of the faculty members is one of the highest among all private B Schools in India. Being under an independent professionally managed trust, and not owned by any individual or family, BIM always remains true to its purpose and vision. 

2. Grooming 𝝅 shaped Professionals for business of tomorrow
BIM’s new program architecture and carefully chosen network of its own, visiting and adjunct faculty with rich academic and practice background create a great learning experience. The objective is to transform students to 𝝅 shaped professionals, ready to take on the new-age work front, riddled with uncertainties. BIM is perhaps the first B School in the country to apply this concept of 𝝅 shaped professional while developing its program architecture. As a part of this, students are exposed to bleeding age competencies through our Real-Time Contextual Marketing Lab (RTCML) comprising a host of proprietary and open-source marketing, and analytics tools; AI/ML Lab; and Financial Trading Lab, a Platform for Investor Experience.

3. Holistic Growth of Students
Specific activities through our practice schools such as the Personal Growth Lab (PGL); Outbound Leadership Lab (OLL); Social Immersion Program (SIP); Corporate Immersion program (CIP); Effective Execution through Clubs  (EEC); and Personality Enhancement through Sports (PES) help build character and strength to successfully face an adverse and uncertain situation in life, develop team spirits and build a strong personality. BIM is essentially an institute where students are the prime movers, having one of the highest numbers of clubs for students’ participation. Each student has to participate at least in one of the clubs. Each student also needs to take up at least one of the sports (Tennis, Badminton, Basketball) to attain a certain level of proficiency. A gym with the latest equipment is available for the students to work on their fitness. And students don’t just play sports or engage in club activities, as they do so, they earn academic credits as well in the process.

4. Scholarship, Research and Industry Consulting
Academic rigors in BIM are well established. Besides scholarship, BIM has a strong focus on research and the creation of knowledge capital with a strong practice orientation. Not a moon shot research, but research with immediate impact on industry and society.

5. Integration with SDG
The social immersion program is an integral part of our curriculum. BIM Centre for SDG is a unique initiative, not just an activity creating photo opportunity as mostly seen, but a platform for strategic interventions to advance the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The charter of this center is guided by the experts in this space drawn from organizations like KPMG, Deloitte, PwC, UNDP, and other consulting organizations in this space, and every year a few specific goals are chosen from the seventeen SDGs to work on. In this program, students are sensitized to the problems of the community around and the challenges of underserved segments. Students are encouraged to build techno economically viable and sustainable solutions, and measure the impact thereof.  

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