Industry Leader

BIM Trichy was honoured to have Mr. Sanjay Manohar as an Industry Leader addressing BIM38 (2021-2023) during the Orientation Program on 26.06.2021. He is the Managing Director of McAfee, India and our alumnus from the batch of BIM6 (1989-1991).

Reminiscing his MBA days at BIM, he spoke about how MBA differs from a bachelor’s program and helps in the overall development of students. He enlightened the students regarding the importance of having a long-term career objective but also being flexible with short term opportunities.

He further emphasized the importance of working on our strengths and developing self-awareness. He also educated the students about the concept of passion; whole-heartedness towards our purpose and having a journey bigger than ourselves.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Sanjay Manohar for sharing wonderful insights with the students and sparing his precious time for us.

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