Competitions – Footsteps

September 10, 2020 (Final Award ceremony of all clubs and committees took place on this day)

“Footsteps” – one of a kind virtual event organized exclusively for BIM 37 by the clubs and committees of BIM

Footsteps was the first event organized virtually for BIM 37 with the intent to help students fully appreciate and implement concepts with excitement and in-depth learning. Every year, clubs and committees hold activities of greater significance that allow for live interactions, but the pandemic did not impede our pursuit this year.

BIM 36 hosted interesting and entertaining events like Infinity by Finclub, Perplexus by Kalaicom, Enigma by Catalyst, Walk the Talk (TEDx) by PRCom, Be the Hero by Zetitica, Brandstorm by Bismarc, Samaroh by Optima, Smart challenge city by Vyuga, Brekit by Welfarecom, Lumos by Economistique and Messit by Messcom

The spirits have not dimmed the fresh to virtual contact. With absolute enthusiasm, Footsteps had students involved in all the activities, unlocking their maximum potential. The competitions were successfully coordinated and ended with a virtual award ceremony for the winners.

Walk the Talk – an event to formulate a plan for TEDx in BIM. TED talks gave a chance to formulate a blueprint plan out the whole initiation to implementation phases of TEDx in BIM.

Brandstorm – an event to create a new brand and tagline. The students were asked to create a new brand and come up with a tagline for a brand and prepare an advertisement with a celebrity and justify their choice.

Be the HERO – in a mystical portal of the internet world the students were given an opportunity to unveil the HR skills.

Lumos – An Economistique event that brought out the knowledge in Economics.

ENIGMA – The uncrackable code is a virtual treasure hunt event conducted to expose students to the latest technologies and current trending companies in the world.

The students were asked to formulate event plans to engage the students in times of pandemic. The students were tested on their management skills when organizing live events such as people management, logistics, preparing budgets.

MessIt-The event that focusses on the diversity of food across India ,the importance of food waste management also the students were made to design a poster that covers the diversity of food

This event helped students to come up with optimum solutions using the operational skills for a supply chain fault.

Sports is where the real cognitive abilities comes out. The event helped students showcase their knowledge about their favourite sport.

Smart city challenge
The Smart city challenge helped students unleash the inner Administrator and strategize every brick and policy of the dream city.

The committee planned a fun event with a quiz called Brain teasers and puzzle solving.

The event tested the financial knowledge of the students with a quiz on financial concepts and were given a case study to solve

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