YNOS is India’s largest information and analytics platform for early-stage start-ups and investors. Faculty, Students, Research Scholars, and other members of the Bharathidasan Institute of Management community can use YNOS to access exhaustive data and information on the Indian startup ecosystem. 

The platform uses advanced data integration tools, analytical search methods, and powerful filters to screen and search startups, investors, and incubators across hundreds of industries and sectors. 

Information Coverage on the YNOS platform 

  • All Startups incorporated in India after 2015 
  • All Angel investors investing in Indian startups, irrespective of their location, India or elsewhere 
  • Institutional capital providers for start-ups such as VCs, Angel Networks, Corporates, Venture Debt, Government Agencies, and so on 
  • Incubators and Accelerators 


  • The platform features a simple and user-friendly interface, with continuously updated datasets. 
  • With exhaustive filters along with a combination of search, users can easily explore and analyze startups, angel investors, and VCs across India. 
  • Dashboard covers thousands of Indian startups and investors, with filters to refine the data into over 75 million views for startups and more than 65 million views for investors. 
  • It comes equipped with numerous data science & analytical tools 
  • Users can download unlimited startup and angel reports, as well as startup data in CSV format from the platform. 
  • Bharathidasan Institute of Management startups can benefit from Subscription Benefits, including credits from top service providers like Amazon AWS Activate, Zoho, Freshworks, HubSpot, Chargebee, Paytm, Vakilsearch, and Kissflow. 

YNOS Products 

Insight: The most powerful dashboard on Indian Startups and Investors. Insight revolutionizes the way you explore the startup ecosystem in India. Through its advanced algorithms and easy-to-use interface, Insight provides a comprehensive view of the Indian early-stage startup landscape via three dashboards – Startups, Angels, and VCs – with valuable data-driven insights and visualization. 

Startups: Access the largest collection of early-stage startups in India. Using a combination of filters and search queries, Startups product helps the user to scan the startup landscape and obtain key metrics on the start-ups, viz., startup description and business activity, founders, investor and incubator details, business and financial performance, and technology usage. The Bookmark feature enables users to shortlist startups for convenient assessment at a later stage. 

Angels: Angel’s product uses advanced search tools, and intuitive filters to scan through the expansive list of angel investors in India. The detailed investor profile includes prominent investment areas, companies invested, key focus areas, co-investors, and a lot more. 

VCs: The most advanced intelligence platform to quickly analyze the Venture Capital and early-stage funding landscape in India. VCs product provides comprehensive information on each VC, including the number of startups supported, the average age of the startup at the time of investment, the size of the funding round, co-investors in the round, and so on. 

Incubators: The largest platform for incubators and accelerators in India. Incubators provide you with detailed information on various incubators in India. The incubators can be analyzed based on the host organization, funding agencies, key focus areas, details of startups incubated, investors who have invested in these startups, and so on. In addition, the ‘Compare Incubators’ feature helps the users to compare the performance and characteristics of different incubators in a very effective manner. 

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