The construction work for our new campus (BIM – New Campus) at Kalamavur (Tiruchirappalli – Pudukottai Highway) started with a ground-breaking ceremony (Bhoomi Pooja) in February 2023. With this important milestone, we embark on a new journey toward becoming a leading global business school with a rich legacy.

In the new campus, we are creating a vibrant and collegial learning environment through open spaces reminiscent of piazzas and courtyards. The synergy between various events and engagements and the open spaces will bring the academic community closer within the campus. Natural light is an integral part of our concept, as well as sustainable construction, mechanical systems with floor air distribution integrating fresh air, green roofs that will collect and retain water, and well-insulated buildings, with a thrust on self-sufficiency. Environmental sustainability is a key focus and attribute that the new campus wishes to embody. Each building will have a unique identity due to its particular location and relation to the landscape.

There is, in this way, a unity of form without loss of sense of identity. Through our new campus, we are initiating various endeavors to achieve our strategic vision outlined over the next five-, ten- and twenty-five years.

Artistic Renderings of BIM New Campus

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