ZETETICA Clubs & Committees

Dedicated to spreading awareness and interest in the field of human resources, Zetetica is the ideal club for those who wish to conduct a detailed inquiry into the art of talent management.

We at Zetetica believe that mastery of people management skills is necessary for all budding managers, not just those who aspire to pursue their career in the field of human resources. We conduct various events throughout the year in order to bring out and develop these talents.

These events include:

Sanskriti, one of the first events of the year, is dedicated to exploring the concept of organizational culture. It is an ideal event for PGP 1 students to discover and immerse themselves in the illustrious culture of BIM.

The flagship event of Zetetica, Z.Y.M.E. is an intense inter-college competition designed to test the participants’ skills and expertise in various areas of talent management, pitting them against the best minds in the country.

Contact Us:
e-Mail: zetetica@bim.edu
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zetetica.hr

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