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Sportscomm is the Sports Committee of BIM which is in existence from the very beginning. Physical fitness and Intellectual skills, both go in tandem. Apart from maintaining and managing inventories of all the sports equipment, Sportscomm conducts tournaments of various sports for the students of BIM every trimester. In all of these tournaments, the first event that is conducted would be MOAC – Mother Of All Clashes, where the best team (of every sport) from PGP-1 plays against the best team from PGP-2 to show who is the unbeatable champion of that particular sport. This is followed by the league matches of those sports.

The sports activities conducted by Sportscomm are Badminton, Basket Ball, Cricket, Foot Ball, Kho-Kho, Sepak Takraw, Table Tennis, Volley Ball.

Sportscomm strives for: ‘A Sound mind in a sound body’ – which is an unavoidable necessity for all, particularly for budding managers.

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