KALAICOM Clubs & Committees

KALAICOMM, the cultural committee of BIM creates a platform that provides students with an opportunity to display their talent in a variety of ways. It unleashes the creativity amongst the students and enables them to keep their best foot forward.

We are a bunch of motivated individuals who believe that a college should have its equal share of fun & frolic along with the case studies. Our committee organizes remarkable cultural events bringing in enthusiasm and energy amongst everyone through dance, drama and Music.

Kalaicomm is responsible for the following activities –

Freshers’ Nite – KALAICOMM kicks off in style with the much-hyped Freshers’ Nite. This night is all about the students of the new batch which consists of performances or acts by them. This event serves as an opportunity to make the juniors (PGP-I) feel welcomed. Mr Fresher and Ms Fresher are declared at the end of this event.

GRATIA – One of the most loved events of our college wherein all the members of each committee prepare an act/performance as a dedication to the seniors of their respective committees. The juniors also prepare a video describing their committee and their seniors. This event helps us to find the hidden gems within the batch. Best Video and dedication are awarded gift vouchers.

Festival Celebrations in Campus – The students in campus thoroughly enjoy each festival in its own flavour (s). Diwali, Holi, Pongal and New year are the different festivals which are celebrated with full zeal with many fun activities as a part of it.

FOXTROT – The Flagship event of KALAICOMM. A Talent competition where students battle it out in different categories like Dancing, Singing, Mono acts, Stand-up Comedy, Group Singing, Instrumental etc. for the coveted title. The winner(s) in each category is/are facilitated by the external judges

ADIEU – A farewell celebration wherein the juniors of the batch bid farewell to the seniors by reminiscing the memories and good times spent with them. Dedications, Confessions, Performances, DJ night makes this event very special to everyone.

SPOC for other B-Schools – We are the point of contact for all other B-schools in the country w.r.t the cultural activities.

Apart from this, KALAICOMM always strives to bring something new to the table every year for every event. Be it a THANK YOU hoarding or GUESS WHO Board; be it T-shirt scribing or Confession Box, KALAICOMM ups their game every time in order to involve all the students to create memorable experiences.

A proud committee which gives the students an opportunity to loosen up, relax, enjoy and appreciate the talent around.

Contact Us:
e-Mail: kalaicom@bim.edu
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Kalaicomm/

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