FINCLUB Clubs & Committees

Finance club of BIM is a group of enthusiasts who consider finance as the elixir of life. We analyse finance as a structural and dynamic unit. We conduct fun-filled events and discussions throughout the year as we believe learning is made easy by playing a game or expressing our views openly. the various events conducted by us are,

Finhunt: A game which is inspired by treasure hunt where the players run left, right and centre to find the clues which will lead them to the ultimate solution of an enthusing problem.

Beta street: A virtual online trading event which happens for around 20 days where the participants buy, sell and play around with shares in a virtual stock market (mimicking the actual conditions) the bringing out the Warren Buffet in them.

Finutsav: Our flagship event where players compete on equity research, wealth management, and financial simulation.

Budget discussion: An open forum where the students delve into the depth of financial policies and economic reforms of the latest budget. The students put forth the facts and their views on the budget for a great knowledge sharing session.

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