ECONOMISTIQUE Clubs & Committees

ECONOMISTIQUE – Economics is a highly misunderstood subject. Undergraduate textbooks on economics, makes it look like a course in mathematics leaving very little for individual to work on or, for that matter, to get excited about, as Malcolm X said “There is very little to argue in mathematics”. That is where ECONOMISTIQUE, the economics club of BIM Trichy, sees the need for itself. The main objective of the club is to not only disseminate knowledge in economics amongst the students of BIM Trichy, which is its primary function, but also to bring back excitement in economics.

Events are the medium, not the only one but primarily, through which the club realizes its objective. Needless to say, all the events are supposed to be in line with the objectives. So, ECONOMISTIQUE has lined up a list of events to enhance students understanding in economics theory as well as contemporary and historically significant economic events. Some of the events that the club does is Union Budget Presentation every year, ECOZEST, XplorEcon among others.


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