ECONOMISTIQUE Clubs & Committees

ECONOMISTIQUE – The Economics Club of BIM, Trichy. This club aims at acting as a platform that imparts knowledge and insights on economics and recent economic developments around the world through fun-filled activities and exciting events. The main objective of the club is to not only disseminate knowledge in economics amongst the students of BIM Trichy, which is its primary function but also to bring back the excitement in economics.


Alohomora: The flagship event of this club, conducted each year to imbibe the importance of economics in the business world. It is a month-long event comprised of both inter and intra college competitions. More than 500+ students participate in this event from top b schools all over the country.

Ecozest: This is an inter-college event conducted as a part of Crescita.

Discussions: The students come together to discuss and debate on recent economic developments. It aims to improve the interpersonal skills of the students.

Budget Discussion: This is a unique and most important event for the students. Students of BIM and the senior most faculty members will participate in this discussion to debate the pros and cons of the union budget and economic survey proposed by the Ministry of Finance, Government of India.



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