Once a BIMite, always a BIMite.

BIM has built a solid fortress through the achievements of the leaders that it has nourished and empowered. The Alumni Relations Committee of BIM was conceived with the intent of providing a platform for alumni-alma mater interaction and fostering relationships with the 3000+ existing and future alumni, keeping the 37-year legacy of BIM intact.

Vision: To establish mutually beneficial relationship between BIM and its alumni.

Smriti: This is a reunion for the batch completing 25 years of graduation from BIM.
Sangam: An event to celebrate official graduation of the outgoing batch.
Alumanac: An annual newsletter for that goes out to the alumni, highlighting the happenings at BIM, news with various alumni, articles written by alumni and other engagements.

We also conduct webinars, mentorship programs and workshops with alumni.


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