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ATHENAEUM is a biennial research conference organized by the Centre for Contemporary Management Research (CECMAR) with a view to promote academic value in the management practice. Athenaeum, derived from the Greek word, “Athenion”, refers to the temple for the Greek goddess of wisdom, Athena. Greek history tells us that it is here where scholars congregated to deliberate and nurture philosophy. True to its name, Athenaeum has been a confluence of academicians, research scholars, consultants, practitioners, and industry leaders discussing and sharing ideas that could transform the future of Management.

This conference is distinct from other typical academic conferences, as ATHENAEUM aims to take contemporary research into management practice and vice-versa. It involves high profile panel discussions on various contemporary themes in different areas of Management. While senior academic experts present the practically relevant contemporary research developments and insights, the industry experts throw light on management issues that offer scope for future research. Each panel discussion will be moderated by an eminent chairperson either from academics or industry. As participation takes place from both, industry and academic worlds, ATHENAEUM strives to bridge management research and practice. The forum provides opportunities to the practitioners and researchers for value-added learning to address contemporary issues in management. Details about the latest edition of ATHENAEUM can be found at

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