Study Projects

CECMAR is committed to providing students with the opportunity to work in Independent study projects or Group study projects. Well defined and implemented study projects provide qualified students to develop and conduct largely self-designed research projects in guidance with campus faculty.

CECMAR provides a variety of research topics to students which motivate the students to work on critique and extend the knowledge that they have gained in the class room. Students can seek out new theory and findings relevant to the particular context they are researching and produce a final project which presents their insights and recommendations in an academically rigorous rhetorically competent manner. It also helps students to work in cross functional areas so that the student can develop their expertise in wide range of scopes and not just their own areas of interest. This ensures that students develop an overall perspective and are not limited to a single dimension.

CECMAR also undertakes the responsibility of maintaining a research database. This research database is available to students for reference and studies. CECMAR provides assistance to the students in terms of resources for research like providing contacts leads and links to students for gathering information as well as guidance in various functional areas.

CECMAR is also dedicated towards maintaining contacts with other national and international universities for their contributions in the field of study projects like access to their research databases. This helps in keeping abreast with latest research findings and reports.

CECMAR also helps students by providing financial assistance to do research projects and paper presentations by providing scholarships for attending seminars and conferences.

In a world where information travels at the speed of light CECMAR is dedicated towards opening new horizons in the field of research.