“Research is a search for truth and teaching is dissemination of the truth discovered”. BIM encourages its students and faculty to engage with the quest for truth in their areas of interest. Most faculty today are actively involved in their own research and in guiding doctoral students towards attainment of their Ph.D. Research is carried across all areas of management though researchers and scholars stamp their individuality and interests on the area explored. BIM lays special emphasis on development of case studies that are used as pedagogical tool for imparting management education that is rooted in both theory and practice. Several cases developed by the faculty of BIM are published by leading case repositories like Ivey Publishing, ECCH etc.

Some issues that are currently being researched are:

  • “Business Continuity Management with Safety Management – A Study on Process Safety Management in Indian Chemical Process Industries”
  • “A Study on Supply Chain Management During Natural Disaster”
  • “Measuring the Cost of Compliance of Indirect Taxes – 2005 to 2012”.
  • Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • VOC Port infrastructure Project-A boon to economic  growth and the road ahead
  • “Influence and Interdependability of Communication, Trust and Employee Involvement”
  • “Behavioural Finance”
  • “Factors in Fluencing and Borrower Perception of Pricing of Corporate & SME Loans
  • Technology Marketing
  • Management
  • Agricultural Marketing
  • Private Label Brands
  • A Study on Buying Decision Process of Mobile Services in B2B Context
  • Social work (Inter Disciplinary – Management) “Employer Branding”
  • The Impact of Emotional Regulation on Performance in the Service Industry
  • HR Analytics
  • Competency Mapping
  • Human Resource Management
  • Stress Management among working railway women employees
  • A Study on the Factors influencing consumers’ purchase propensity for private labels in consumer durables and electronics product categories.
  • The Role of Affect in Acceptance of Human Resource Information Systems (with specific reference to Public Sector
    Customer Relationship Management)