Real Time Projects

Real-time projects are one of the major activities of the contemporary research centre which helps students to work in projects that would help them practice the theory and gain real-time experience on the subject.

Local Projects

There are three local projects that are handled by the students at present. Students are working on the leads to bring in more projects.

Revival of Trichinopoly Cigar brand:

The Trichinopoly cigar has been a part of the niche league of cigars and was a favourite of Sir. Winston Churchill Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Today the industry is virtually dead hence a feasibility analysis on reviving the heritage brand is being carried on with the help of Centre for Tobacco research Vedasandur.

Optimization of Steel roll mill:

This project deals with the steel roll mills in and around Trichy. The objective of this project is to analyse the problems faced by the steel roll mills in attaining high productivity and give them an integrated solution to optimize their process.

Poverty and Gender Equality Index (PAGE index)

This is a Statistical initiative to tabularise the relation between poverty and gender equality. Parameters like Purchasing power of people Education Health status of the people Access to welfare schemes Pollution Ability to enforce accountability Income Differential Decision making power of women Difference in economic status Access to welfare schemes Drinking water and fuel sources Violence against women are few parameters which are considered.

The team is also actively involved in interacting with UGC AICTE and other Foreign Universities in collaborating with them for research projects & student exchange process.

Also the team will be involved in

  • Collection and maintenance of the database of projects done by alumni and the students.
  • Collection and maintenance of database of leads which would help the students to get projects in their areas of interest.
  • Building contacts with government agencies.