Extra-curricular Activities

A variety of activities happens throughout the year that keep the students active and energetic.

Sports Tournaments:

SportsCom, the sports committee of BIM actively conducts tournaments for cricket, badminton, throw ball, volley ball, football.


Welfare Com conducts independence day and republic day celebrations.

Cultural Events:

Kalaicom, the cultural committee keeps the student body active and brings out the talent through various cultural events.

BIM Spirited:

As a part of our social efforts, we engage in activities like blood donation drives, orphanage visits, Joy of Giving week and adoption of the local government primary school. The volunteers work zealously to help the underprivileged school children of nearby Burma colony by the way of donations, contests, events and coaching on a regular basis.


The frame for all those who have an inclination to capture each moment to display their talent. Bioscope is a social media platform that encourages students with photography skills and learn.

Astronomy Club:

The sky gazers of BIM create opportunity for others to view our neighbouring planets and rare astronomical phenomena.

Movie Club:

“Cinema should make you forget that you are sitting in a theatre!”

This club exposes students to the true art of cinema. Students get introduced to diverse genres and experience cinema in its truest element.

Book Club:

OLD CURIOSITY SHOP, The Book Reading Club

“A good book on your shelf is a friend that turns its back on you and remains a friend”

A Club for sharing various good reads. One belief that is prevalent among this community is that, a book is just not a compilation of paragraphs, phrases, thoughts, messages but an experience on the whole.