Customized Programs

We provide events and customized executive education programs that are developed in close collaboration with our clients, in order to ensure their specific and individual needs.

On a regular basis, we bring in top-notch faculty and run exclusive events in order to provide new inspiration and as a way of networking.

We utilize our extended faculty network, combining cutting edge knowledge with real world business challenges. Our customized programs can range in length from a two-day seminar to a two-year program! The spectrum is wide, from the training of a single, individual executive to guiding a specific group of managers toward business and consulting targets. Both of these are achieved through detailed, customized learning and organizational involvement.

When customizing our programs, we analyze and identify organizational gaps and determine learning objectives. The program will deliver these objectives while remaining faithful to the client-company culture. We develop a strategy by implementing learning approaches; from case studies to group exercises, lectures to project assignments. Representatives from upper management often participate on final module days, evaluating the learning process and implemented strategies together with the program management.

Request a customized program and see how we bring faculty and client, process and passion together to inspire individuals and improve organizations.

To initiate a non-committing dialog on a potential customized program, please contact us at +91 431 2520 796.