BIM’s curriculum is periodically revised and restructured to meet the needs of ever-changing business environment. Experienced professionals from the Industry and Academia take part in this exercise of restructuring. BIM follows a trimester pattern of evaluation. The first year of the course provides rigorous grounding in all fields of management. The second year operates on a cafeteria approach wherein the student is allowed to choose from a range of courses. Business skills such as effective communication computation analytical and critical thinking managing information creativity and aesthetic awareness.

BIM’s curriculum reflects:

  • Comprehensive understanding of the content organization assumptions and values of a variety of academic areas with hands on training on live cases in an industrial setting.
  • Preparation for all aspects of life beyond the campus including work service and leadership within local and national communities.
  • An all-round development of the personality through participation in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities.
  • An urge to participate in governing the Institute to provide input to the faculty for developing academic programs and to enrich its cultural environment.
  • An appreciation of the diversity of cultures present in the country.
  • Sense of loyalty and dedication to the organization.