Core Faculty

The faculty members at BIM don’t merely teach, but give an experience to students of what it is, outside the classroom. They learn to evolve new and innovative pedagogies. They do that by understanding the nature and composition of students we have. Our two-year full time residential MBA Programme with specializations offered in Marketing, Finance, Strategy, Systems, Operations and Human Resource Management, under the guidance of our learnt faculty, transforms  the students to responsible leaders.

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  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Systems
  • Dr.V.P.Sriraman
    Associate Professor
  • Dr. S.N.Raghavendra
    Dr. S.N.Raghavendra
    Associate Professor & Admission Chairman
  • Dr. S. Jaya Krishna
    Dr. S. Jaya Krishna
    Associate Professor
  • R. Ruma Agnes
    R. Ruma Agnes
    Assistant Professor
  • Mr.Vel
    Adjunct Faculty
  • A G Balasubramanian
    A G Balasubramanian
    Adjunct Faculty
  • Dr. Satyanarayana Rentala
    Dr. Satyanarayana Rentala
    Assistant Professor
  • Sudharsan Sezhian
    Sudharsan Sezhian
    Assistant Professor
  • Dr. John Peter
    Dr. John Peter
    Associate Professor